Epoxy Systems

Epoxy coatings are very versatile and used in commercial, industrial, residential, marine applications, secondary containment situations, garage and warehouse floors. Coatings are used to protect the substrate in maintenance and repair situations. Epoxies come in a wide variety of colors. They provide light reflectivity because they are usually bright colors.



The epoxy itself is referred to as a copolymer and is formed from chemicals that are referred to as resin “A” for the compound and “B” for the hardener or the activator. Epoxies are used for heavy duty repairs like reinforced with carbon fiber just as if you would reinforce concrete with a 6 fixed rebar.. Most epoxies have excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance.


Diversity and Functionality

Epoxies have excellent mechanical and insulating properties for use in airplane hangars that require electrostatic dissipative situations where static electricity is an issue. Non-skid aggregates can be broadcast into epoxy to provide a slip resistant surface as used on aircraft landing decks. Epoxies are put over the concrete as a protective element to keep from inherently pulling in or saturating in oils, skydrols, fluids and other penetrating chemicals.

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