Concrete PolishingPolished concrete has become very popular in about the last five to seven years. It’s been overlooked.

Everybody’s always been under the assumption that concrete needs to be covered with a tile, a laminate, a coating, and everybody’s just not really considered the concrete substrate itself as a finished floor.

TerrazzoTerrazzo is the most used in new construction and restoration because of the many benefits it offers. Among these are strength, durability, a long lifespan, affordability, environmentally friendly, and it is recyclable.

Epoxy Floor SystemEpoxy coatings are very versatile, used for commercial, industrial and residential, inside, outside, marine applications, secondary-containment-type situations, garage-floor coatings, warehouse coatings.

Concrete StainReactive acid stains use hydrochloric acid and metallic salts in a water solution that are typically applied to the top of concrete substrates and react with the free lime and the Portland cement in the concrete. It also lightly etches and penetrates and drives the stain down into the surface.

Self Leveling CementSelf levelers are great for creating a new canvass for a concrete substrate floor. They many attributes and advantages, fast-drying, can be applied quickly, they can be placed by hand and mixed in a barrel of they can be pumped into placed. You can cover a lot of square footage in a short amount of time.

Micro-ToppingMicro-toppings are defined by their thickness. They’re generally between a 1/32″-1/8″ in thickness. They’re applied either by hand with a trowel or by using a squeegee and they can even be broom-applied for a broom finish. Micro-toppings are semi-flexible.

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Concrete StampStamped concrete overlays can range from 3/16″up to 7/8″ in thickness and comes in different colors as well as patterns. Colors can be intragually put into the mix, topically applied as an enhancing stain, tinting the top sealer for a second or third color.

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