Lowes Lumber distribution

Location: Cabazon Outlets, CA
Systems: Polished Concrete
Area: 2500/sf
Year: 2010


Repaired cracks in concrete. Shot blasted concrete clean. Installed a vapor control epoxy primer to ensure proper bond with no moisture issues in concrete floors. Install 3/8″ of an Engineered self leveling cement to give the floors a newly poured concrete look and finish. Polished the new concrete finish with same method of grinding and polishing of regular concrete to a ultra flat, smooth high gloss finish.



Polished concrete has become very popular in the last five years. . The assumption is that concrete needs to be covered with tile, laminate or coating. No one considers the concrete substrate itself as a finished floor. Polishing of terrazzo, natural stone, granite and marble is a great alternative. Click here to learn more.



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